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Replacement of the mechanical seal of the pump TPE 50-190/2-S A-F-A-BAQE - 98112628

February 1, 2022 / 17:23

Grundfos TPE 50-190/2-SAFA- BAQE is an inline centrifugal pump, single-stage, with a standard motor and mechanical seal.

End seal of the pump TPE 50-190/2-SAFA- BAQE pos.105 (Art . 99380919, Spare, Shaft Seal BAQE GG D28 – 96488302) type BAQE. We replaced with R-MG13 28, CAR/SIC, EPDM, 304, G6- bellows type, single. Combination of materials - silicon carbide, graphite, EPDM. This type of seal is stable in water at temperatures up to +140 ° C, is used in conditions of alkaline liquids, the possibility of dry running, and is not used in the presence of many solid particles, lime-containing liquids, oily liquids. With proper use and withstanding the temperature level and the appropriate environment, the R-MG13 28 seal is able to work from 14,000 to 20,000 mh without problems.

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