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Shaft Seal Replacement LKH-UP-40 9611922393

February 9, 2022 / 15:13

Centrifugal pump Alfa Laval LKH UltraPure is designed to work in conditions of sterile cleanliness, where economy and efficiency in the use of resources are also important. These qualities are especially important in the fields of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. As standard, the LKH UltraPure pump is equipped with a single mechanical shaft seal, but is also available with a double one. The mechanical shaft seal Alfa Laval LKH-UP-40 SNo. 100700128524 balanced, which is important in case of pressure surges, easy to install. The R-AL.LKHs seal type is also affordable, which is also important, and is also completely made of .

During the repair of the pump, our specialists replaced the failed mechanical seal with R-AL.LKHs, and also replaced the deep groove ball bearings 6309-2Z/C3 and 6209-2Z/C3.

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