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Pump molasses for farms

November 2, 2021 / 16:55
Pump of molasses for farms

Because molasses has a liquid consistency, its use and storage is difficult. Storage of molasses occurs in containers for liquids. If the raw material is stored in a large container, such as 1000 tons, then more is collected at its bottom dense particles (the first 50-200 tons from this barrel will be thicker), but this does not mean that the sugar at the bottom will be more & mdash; the sugar content remains the same. To store molasses in such large containers it should be contains 44-49% of sugar.

The container for storage of beet molasses should have openings for filling and unloading with a diameter of at least 8-10 see The barrel is placed so that it was convenient to approach it, and also it was convenient to carry out selection of raw materials for feeding. The molasses pump is built into the tank and equipped with a heating system for the cold season.

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